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Please view the articles, quotes and interviews with the artist below. If you are interested in interviewing the artist, please get in touch.

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"Anna Louise Simpson, an artist based in Scotland, was making traditional collage art when one of the main crypto art platforms contacted her to see if she was interested in tokenizing her pieces."

"In the present work, the collaged 'mixed media' of Miss AL Simpson's digital frame conjures the train carriages and side-streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side. It is this insurgent self-governance of the Crypto Art movement that has always appealed to Simpson – an opportunity to establish new norms in the creation and circulation of the art object. Evoking the brash canvases of Basquiat, Rauschenberg, and Kippenberger, the digital passages of CYBAROQUE BORGHESE engage in a litany of dialogues with Classical and Contemporary motifs. In this digital avant-garde, Miss AL Simpson has become one of the chief protagonists of this new movement, compressing history and styles to produce some of the most dramatic and compelling works to be tokenized to date."

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"As a woman and a mother, the financial freedom that cryptoart offers as an artist to not be struggling to make ends meet is incredible and I think a lot of that’s been lost in some of the conversations about NFTs. The financial impact for women and mothers is absolutely huge."

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