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"Crying dollar signs, as crypto markets rise and fall. Hidden identities, hiding true intentions. Betting their bets on a beautiful racket. Beware the siren call of the Glamour Scammers. Oh, such an alluring deception..."


Miss AL Simpson is a crypto artist and writer with a love of black ink and collage. Anna Louise grew up watching vintage movies and drawing from fashion magazines and books and uses those early faded glamorous influences in her crypto art practice.


Drawing on influences such as Kippenberger and Rauschenberg, Anna Louise uses found items such as billposters and magazines to build up a textured mixed media surface, in order to explore themes of confused popular culture. Layering her work with power and fragility; tales of passion and desire are exposed. At times, these stories are gentle whispers, at other times, they are loud and brash graffiti. Fragmented portraits hidden in urban landscapes reveal an honesty and broken reality; a mixed up version of the popular culture that submerges us all.


Exploring the rips of popular culture and society’s vulnerability, Anna Louise produces images of dystopic fragility…’a keeper of fragile things’.

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"When I added Miss Al Simpson’s Modern Love to my collection about one year ago I wrote that it "Reminds me of one of Richard Prince's Nurses getting enveloped by a Clyfford Still." My feelings haven't changed. There is a long history of male artists anonymizing women through abstraction but Miss Al Simpson's work is refreshing because it does this without objectification. For me, the mysterious women portrayed in works like Modern Love and The Self Isolators have deep and complex inner lives. They are to be thought about, to be reckoned with, and not just ogled as one might with say Willem de Kooning's hypersexualized Women I. As with most artists, I think Miss Al Simpson's strongest work ends with a question mark instead of a period and these two works definitely fit that description for me."


"Today, Simpson — whose digital collages might be described as Dada grunge meets Moulin Rouge glam — has sold the most artworks of any artist on SuperRare."

"Anna Louise Simpson, an artist based in Scotland, was making traditional collage art when one of the main crypto art platforms contacted her to see if she was interested in tokenizing her pieces."

"As a woman and a mother, the financial freedom that cryptoart offers as an artist to not be struggling to make ends meet is incredible and I think a lot of that’s been lost in some of the conversations about NFTs. The financial impact for women and mothers is absolutely huge."


"In the present work, the collaged 'mixed media' of Miss AL Simpson's digital frame conjures the train carriages and side-streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side. It is this insurgent self-governance of the Crypto Art movement that has always appealed to Simpson – an opportunity to establish new norms in the creation and circulation of the art object. Evoking the brash canvases of Basquiat, Rauschenberg, and Kippenberger, the digital passages of CYBAROQUE BORGHESE engage in a litany of dialogues with Classical and Contemporary motifs. In this digital avant-garde, Miss AL Simpson has become one of the chief protagonists of this new movement, compressing history and styles to produce some of the most dramatic and compelling works to be tokenized to date."


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