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Old Money Corrupts is one of the longest standing NFT collections on Super Rare Art by OG cryptoartist, Miss AL Simpson. The collection explores themes of greed, consumerism and corrupted luxury all with the artist's style of collage and graffiti. 

CHRONO VISIONS is an introspective art collection by Miss AL Simpson, which delves into the enigmatic nature of memory and its intricate relationship with our perception of time. Miss AL Simpson recreates the transient nature of memories using AI to create "post photography polaroids". She combines this with the raw abstraction of oil paint and in doing so challenges the notion of time as a linear, fixed entity, and instead reveals it as a subjective human construct shaped by the ebb and flow of our recollections.


Each composition within the collection serves as an exploration of the fleeting nature of memories from the 1970s to 2000s. Training AI-generated imagery on her own vague memories, the artist reconstructs these impermanent moments as meticulously crafted AI polaroid photographs, which lay the groundwork for a broader investigation into the fluidity of time. The artist's application of thick oil paint over the AI-generated polaroids—a technique reminiscent of Gerhard Richter's overpainted photographs—provides a tangible, physical presence to the intangible memories. This abstraction grounds the elusive recollections in the present, disrupting conventional temporal boundaries and challenging our understanding of the passage of time. The final piece of process in the Chrono Visions series transcends the traditional dimensions of time and space by tokenizing the overpainted AI polaroids into a limited series of NFTS. This digital transformation solidifies the artwork's existence within the blockchain, forging an eternal connection between the virtual and the physical, the temporal and the timeless.

Chrono Visions invites observers to contemplate the intricate interplay between memory and temporal perception, revealing the profound impact of our recollections on the very construct of time. Combining the three processes of AI, oil paint abstraction and blockchain tokenization, the artist forces us to contemplate how fleeting memories really are and in doing so, she breaks down time as an immutable, linear construct.  

Instead, Chrono Visions demonstrates that time is a subjective and malleable framework dictated by our cognitive processes and conscious experiences.

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